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Holistic Healer, Social Worker& Integrated Medicine Practitioner

MBBS-UCMS.(Delhi University);M.Sc. PhD. (M.J,R.P. University),

D.PH(Delhi University);  N.D.D.Y(IFNHY)


M.D.(A.M) YIC & PGDYT-D (SVYASA-Bangalore)

& HPAY-Ayush Govt. of India (CCRA& MDNIY)

Dr. Anup Nath

Holistic Healer, Social Worker& Integrated Medicine Practitioner

FBIH(Fellow of British Institute of Homoeopathy). britinsthom.com

  1. Accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Limited for the year of 2006-2007, Registration no-20982 ATMS is Australia’s largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners. atms.com.au
  2. Associate Member of IFPNT(International Federation of Practitioners of Natural Therapeutics) 
  3. Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA).
  4. Member of Delhi Medical Association (DMA).

For more information visit:-www.shivyogpath.com

Brief History of Dr. Anup Nath

Dr. Anup Nath since his childhood is a follower of Maa Gayatri  Shri J.P. Nath is his first Guru in the field of Yoga and spiritualism who is also his father.  Due to spiritual wonders in his life and with the blessings from several other gurus from time to time in his life span, he realized the spiritual powers of Maa Gayatri.

He received proper Yoga training in Vishwayatan Yogasharam in the year 1982 with his father and also under the guidance of Swami Dhirender Bharamchari Ji.  Over the period of time he got hold of the yog asanas (Yoga Postures) and became proficient in this art.

In 1984 a yoga competition was held for the first time in New Delhi.  Shri Brijesh Kumar, his yoga teacher encouraged him to take part in the state level competition which was held for the first time in New Delhi.  His performance was excellent and he won the gold medal and kept on winning the title for the next five consecutive competitions.

Yoga championship at the zonal level stepped up the milestone in his career as he topped in the championship.  He represented Delhi at the All – India level and made his State proud.

During practice of yoga postures, he realized the effect of Yogasanas and Yogkriyas in the body which made his interest for understanding human anatomy and human physiology.

Under the banner of Maharishi Dayanand Yogasharam Society, a World Yoga Conference was organized in which Dr. Nath represented India.  With the knowledge and experience of yoga, he was awarded Yoga-Ratan by the President of India.  At the age of 15, he became a renowned figure in the field of yoga in India and worldwide.

His objective for life was to serve the humanity at his best and not to become a stage celebrity only.  He realized that this is the right time to start different types of therapies to heal the agonies of human beings and to gain proficiency in integrated system of medicines.

 He wanted to learn about all types of therapies which included Naturopathy, Yoga, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, etc.  His aim was to treat people physically, mentally, emotionally, socially as well as spiritually by the combination of different pathies with the help of astrology and spiritualism.  For attaining this goal, he learnt the various systems of medicine and also learnt various facets of astrology.

After clearing 12th standard examination in the year 1987, he couldn’t get admission in the M.B.B.S. Course in that session but he was not disappointed by that and continued to put his efforts in the same line.  He took admission in pharmacy course in that year to understand about the modern drugs.  Fortunately by the blessings of Goddess Aadheyashakti, he got the admission in B.D.S. course (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) in the same year.  He didn’t disclose to anybody that he has joined both the courses.  Due to short of attendance in pharmacy course, he was uncertain whether he will qualify for taking examination or not even.  At that moment he met the disciple of Durga, Churiwala Baba who later on became one of his Guru.  By the blessings and encouragement of Baba, he not only succeeded the examination but also topped in two subjects of pharmacy course and also did well in B.D.S. course.  Further, he even got the admission in M.B.B.S. next year.  He believed that this has happened only due to Goddess Aadheyashakti.  These incidents increased his devotion towards the Goddess even more.

After studying for two years for M.B.B.S. his interest for astrology and tantra developed.  He got inspired from his Guru that this is the right time to study other medicine therapies.  Then he joined British Institute of Homeopathy (U.K.) and learnt about Homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Radha Madhuri and cleared the examination with 93% marks.  He was presented an award for this by William Tankard Hahnemann who is the grand son of the Samuel Hahnemann (founder of Homeopathy).

On 26 April, 1994 he was awarded D.I. Home degree (Diploma of Institute of Homoeopathy) by the Principal Trevor M. Cook.  Then he submitted his theses on “Miasmatic Management on Cancer” in British Institute of Homeopathy and on that basis he was awarded the degree of H.M.D. (Doctorate in Homoeopathy Medicine) on 19 June, 1995. Dr. Nath was awarded with the fellowship of British Institute of Homeopathy by Dr. Cook and Patron William Tankard Hahnemann.

Due to his keen interest in holistic health along with homeopathy, he acquired Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Yoga in February 1995-96 by the International Federation of Natural Health and Yoga Institute. He has even served as an Associate Member of Federation of Practitioners of Natural Therapies in the years 1995, 1996 and 1997.

For the promotion of holistic health, he worked as a lecturer of Naturopathy, Yoga on honorary basis in Ghandhi Smarak Nidhi College, Delhi University and Daulatram Naturecare Hospital for more than four years.

In February 1995, peptic ulcer was diagnosed in him and for the treatment of this his father took him to an acupuncture clinic of Dr. Tuli at New Friends Colony, Delhi.  But instead of spending the money on the treatment he spent the money to learn the acupuncture therapy.  Then under the guidance of Dr. O.P. Chabra he gained proficiency in the healing art of acupuncture also.

Along with the learning of different healing arts he continued his studies as modern medicine graduate.

From September 1998 he served as Honorary Medical Officer Incharge in International Foundation of Natural Health and Yoga for two years.

In 1999 he was appointed as Resident Medical Officer in GTB Hospital, Delhi and started utilizing his knowledge of modern medicine in a Government set up.

In April, 2000 he was selected as a Medical Officer in Directorate of Health Services and also provided his services to various health schemes which included Hospital Health Services, School Health Services, Mobile Health Services, Dispensaries, etc.

In September, 2000 he learned Reiki healing art from Reiki Healing Trust in Delhi.

He also received the training of acupressure from Jai Bhagwan Acupressure Service (International) Mumbai under the guidance of Shri Vipinbhai Shah.

Besides providing services to the hospital, he even attended several pilgrims in which Ajmer Shariff Urs Camp is one of them.  He was appointed as an incharge of the medical camp there and was honoured by the Chairman of the Urs Committee also.

On 31st October, 2002, he was appointed as Medical Specialist in Department of Medicine in Dr. Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan which is a Government hospital under Secretariat of Health and Family Welfare Department.  It was the first time when he got an opportunity in a Government setup to develop integrated system of medicines and promotion of holistic health.  Along with his duty hours, he was given additional charge of Department of ISM (Ayurveda) and homeopathy.  During this time he was running an additional OPD in morning hours in which he was teaching yoga and treating the patients holistically.  Despite of his very long working hours at the hospital, he continued his OPD in the morning hours for yoga and curing his patients with the help of integrated system of medicines.

In October 2002 he submitted his research proposal for the first time in the Department of ISM & Homeopathy in Government of India and then to the Directorate of Health Services under the State Government but he didn’t get any positive response from either side.

Due to the growing popularity and respect of Dr. Nath at Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan, his seniors and bureaucrats become envious of him and interferred with his work day by day.  Then Dr. Nath decided to leave that place.

These incidents inspired him to establish his own setup for the promotion of health systems in the society and he laid the foundation stone of “Aadhyeshakti Holistic Health, Care & Research Centre” which later on become a unit of “Maa Aadhyeshakti Holistic Health & Care Foundation”.  At this time his determination to treat the physical, mental and spiritual agonies of the people holistically became stronger.

He also participated in several Health Programmes organized by Delhi Government such as Pulse Polio Immunization, Leprosy, TB eradication programme, etc.  On account of his performance in the National Pulse Polio Immunization programme, he also received an award from Dr. Yoganand ShastriHon’ble Health Minister of Delhi State. 

He also learnt Keraleeya Ayurveda Panchakarma by attending 2nd International Ayurveda Workshop organized by Cholayil Ayurvedic Health & Research Academy.

Jan 2007 Dr. Anup Nath was awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine Practitioner (DHM (Pract.)) from the British Institute of Homoeopathy.

Recently Dr. Anup Nath is awarded accredited membership (No.20982) from the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. ATMS is Australia’s largest professional association of complementary medicine practitioners.

To benefit the people all over the world, Dr. Nath visited Australia in October, 2005.  During this period he met several people from different countries and helped them by showing the correct pathway with the knowledge of spiritualism and astrology.  He described the aims of the organization to the people there.  He also described the need of spiritualism in life through the interview on the radio channel in Sydney, Australia.  After the broadcasting of interview on radio he was contacted by several people who were benefited in many ways.  During his stay in Sydney, he was invited for preaching the people on spiritualism, astrology and HEALING ART OF HOMOEOPATHY. 

 Dr. Nath even organized the Gayatri Yagya and told the people about the benefits of the yagya and gayatri upasana.  Dr. Himanshu Kaushik who is the President of International Branch of Vishva Hindu Parishad also came to listen to preaches and appreciated him for his knowledge and work towards the humanity. 

He returned to India in December, 2005.  Several people from Australia got associated with the organization and are being benefited. This was the first step to achieve the goals of the organization. People are getting in touch with the organization with the help of internet, telephone or postal mail by their convenience and can be benefited.


I have more than 21 years of experience as a medical officer. I have not been given any adverse remarks during my service. I have done various duties as a Doctor, as coordinator, in administration, as a teacher, as counselor, as a guide to the store in charge, lab technician, Pharmacist, PHN, ANM, Dresser etc. From the beginning of my carrier I have been working for the promotion of Health through integrated system to provide holistic Health to the patients. 

Time to time I had organized various mega Holistic Health Camps in my District NE under the chairmanship of District Commissioner. Here I had appreciated and being given appreciating award through CDMO as and when required by my senior officials like DHS, addl. Secretary Health & principal secretary Health. I have submitted various planning proposal-

  • Under DHS for taking initiatives in preventive Health care unit for promotion of the Health under state Health mission.
  • I had submitted PIP’s to the mission Director for Holistic Health promotion through Yoga
  • I had framed the syllabus of medical college cum hospital for naturopathy & yoga under the chairmanship of addl. secretary.
  • As per the demand of Principal secretary I have given project planning for implementation of naturopathy & yoga hospital, further again I had been asked by the present Health secretary to frame new proposal for establishing a new hospital.( copy in support of above mentioned subjects attached for your reference).
  • Under the chairmanship of DC I have organized mega health mela three times in NE District as a nodal officer. I had participated in mob drills many times. I had been assigned a job of nodal officer in disaster management.
  • I have performed various duties in flood, fire disaster, independence day& republic day many times.
  • I have performed night duties and 24 hrs duties in hospital during my posting at Hedgewar hospital& during various pilgrims like KawadSewa, Haz duties & also performed as coordinator for medical team for medical examination of Hazyatris.
  • As a Incharge of mother PHC at Gautampuri I performed my duties with full dedication  & support of local people in very sensitive area like zafrabad for continyous 8 yrs. without any adverse remarks from my senior officers.
  • I have performed as a assembly coordinator in National pulse polio immunization programe successfully.( certificate in support is attached.)
  • All Health Schemes of Directorate of Health Services.- Till date in my whole service tenure I have performed all duties of the Directorate of Health services branches  without any adverse remark .
  • Hospital Cell- I was the first Doctor posted/selected by Directorate as an In charge of Medicine Department for establishing Doctor Hedgewar Hospital where I was also given additional charge of ISM & H department here I opened Holistic Health Promotion Clinic.
  • To facilitate NRHM/RCH work I established Ist Asha Unit in North East District where I trained number of Asha Workers & run the programs smoothly without any adverse remark. I also established two seed PUHC One at Jafrabad and second  at Brham-puri
  • Mobile Health Scheme- I worked under the Director of Mobile Health Scheme where I performed as a MO Job & also worked as zonal in charge where I performed administrative duties along with my routine work.
  • of Health & family welfare:- I performed as an assembly coordinator in pulse polio programme and National blindness control programme as an coordinator.
  • SHS-(SCHOOL HEALTH SCHEME)- Presently I am working in SHC where
  • I am working as a District In charge here I am coordinating with Directorate of Health Services & directorate of education for implementing all the Health programme.
  • I had submitted innovative proposal which is under pipeline under the guidance of my addl. Director for drug and abuse. Time to time I am organizing stress management training for the doctors, teacher & students under the guidance of Director School Health Scheme I have been running WIFS mass de   worming programme in my district NW-A. I have organize various orientation training programme for mass de worming substance drug abuse, save girl child, health &Hygiene, Hand wash promoting programme, poster competition in the district & also conducting various Health survey as & when required looking after as a link officer for other district. I am performing summer duties during vacation and during winter vacation . I am conducting screening in various center like Sanskar Ashram, also looking after sports day clinics. I am also organizing District coordination committee meeting to sort out the difficulties for running programs.
  • I am promoting integrated Health through Health talk & moral education with yoga practices in my district. I am sincerely working under the guidance of my superiors from the last 15 yrs and continue to do the same. So I may be recommended for state award.
  • At present when I joined as a District Incharge at NW-A Jahangirpuri which is vulnerable cluster for juvenile crime and substance/drug abuse. I worked on it and then put all the four health teams together for screening of the school students of jahangirpuri cluster where  I given special attention and made a survey for substance abuse along with other routine work like  RBS, Hioglobin, Eye reflection, screening, WIFS, Deworming, OPD, Health education etc. which was appreciated by education authority also.
  • One of my proposal for promotion of Holistic health to prevent substance abuse among children is under pipeline.
  1. Presented  research works on holistic health in Vedic Vangmay. Certificate attach.
  2. Followings presentation are uploaded for health promotion on internet and submitted to the secretariat and presented in health CME
  3. www.slideshare-net/nathanup/stress-management-by-dr-nath
  4. www.mental-health-through-gita-by-dr-nath
  5. www.presentaion-on-personality-development
  6. www.delhiinstitute-and-naturopathy-yoga
  7. www.presentation-on-sangreh-swasthaye
  2. Attended conference on Mental Health conducted by IHBAS Hospital during mental health week (copy of the certificate is attached with photographs).
  3. The CME mental health was conducted at IMA East Branch with collaboration IHBAS Hospital there I produce my presentation on mental health.
  1. Contribution to the development of
  2. Specialty- Integrated practice with yoga for holistic health promotion.
  3. Department-Proposal for smooth functioning coordination with health and education department meeting and committees formation.
  4. Institution:- Regular training for update the knowledge through training of the staff for smooth functioning on every second Saturday.
  5. National Health programme-1. Blindness control (Referral follow up as a nodal officer)
  6. Vector Born Programme like Dengue, H1, N1, Malaria
  7. WIFS
  8. Deworming
  9. Diarrheal control
  10. Substance/drug abuse
  11. Leprosy
  12. Nutrition
  13. Hand washing awareness
  14. on safe girl child
  15. HIV/AIDS
  2. Pulse polio national immunization programme
  3. Blindness control programme

 iii.      Laprocy

  1. Innovation in hospital college/health services- Renovation & Upgradation of DGD Gautampuri Building Delhi
  2. Sanitation-School Inspection, Awareness during global and washing
  3. Purchase and material management-NA

  iii.      Inventory control

  1. Supervision
  2. store verification
  3. Annual requirement for the district as administration
  4. Planning
  5. Many proposal for public health and health promotion submitted time to time to the department few among them are under process. Detail attached herewith*2
  6. Training/Lectures Theatre-
  1. Regular training at district level zone wise regularly conducting monthly, half day training programme for upgradation and target achievement.
  1. Conducting training programme for principal, teachers & paramedical for orientation better functioning and survey work.
  1. Problem Based Learning-coordination with all the teams which are working under me, for the better caring of the community.
  2. Health Fairs/Mela-I have conducted three Megha Health Mela as a nodal officer in North-East District. The photographs in support is attached. *3

D.Health Exhibitions-Health exhibitions conducted during fairs For promotion of Holistic Health through chart and display and interactions with the patients.

  1. Health Rallies-About Organ donation, anti smoking, population day, beti bachao. Photographs attached *4
  1. Health Education/WHO/Workshops-WIFS, Deworming, First Aid, Sexual Assault, conducting training programme regularly on second week of the month and daily morning assembly.
  1. Innovation/contribution to blood safety/AIDA/RBT Centers-wasted disposal safely under biomedical.
  1. Coordinating regularly with bio medical waste management as per the rule
  2. Preparation of Health Education Material-Charts, Posters, Conducting competition in schools for posters/slogans, debates etc., Pmphlets distribution for WIFS, Dengue and H1,N1 etc.

20 Research Projects-dissertation on cancer miasmatic management through homoeopathic medicine received award of Doctorate Homeopathy from BIH.

21.a.  YIC (Yoga Instructor course from SYASA from July2012 to Dec 2012  

  1. PG Diploma in yoga for doctors from SVYASA from 1aug 2012 to 31stJuly 2013 after prior permission certificate enclosed. *5
  • Prevention of child labour, raid with SDM in-NORTH EAST- district during 2011-2013 for health promotion labour child
  • I had taken yoga classes for the patients voluntarily in the Dr. Hedgewar hospital for promotion of Integrated system of Medicine (Certificate attached from MS DHAS) *6
  • Worked as assembly coordinator in pulse polio national immunization programme during year 2003-04 where I was awarded by the Hon’ble Health minister and Principal secretary of health. copy attached *7
  1. 1. By recognizing my ability by Dr. G. Kausalya CMO/CMR in Oct 2010,